Avenir Presentation

What is Avenir's Business Presentations:

Ever wondered how much a business presentation can cover in just 7 minutes?

Don't worry. Your team doesn't have to explain every detailed concept of how your company will function. Avenir's business presentations should be your team's pitch to investors (judges). Your team should be aiming to provide information in a succinct manner. Instead of explaining all the essential components of your business to a point where the judges can just copy your idea, you have to realize a balance of how much information is necessary to convince the judges of your team's mission and vision.

Do not worry if you fail the first round of presentation! Avenir Business Competition has two rounds of presentation in total, and only the final presentation contributes toward your final score, which will determine your chances of winning the competition.


First Round (7 Minutes Presentation + 3 Minutes Feedback):

The first round of presentation is for your team to test the water. Your team will be required to present your business idea to the panel of judges, and they will assess your team’s presentation based on the rubric for the final presentation; however, only feedback will be given to help your team improve your presentation for the final round.

Note: your team will not be given a score.


First Presentation Includes:

Below is a recommended structure for the first presentation. Due to time restraints, we do not expect all sections to be covered in the actual presentation.

Note: This structure is just here as a guide for your first presentation. Quality prevails over quantity. You do not have a better chance of winning the competition by covering as much of the sections suggested below.

  1. Problem Statement (Why is your company necessary)
  2. Company introduction
  3. Mission and vision statements
  4. Your product/service and their unique selling points
  5. Customer profile / Target market
  6. Business model
  7. Market research
  8. Growth plan
  9. What investment you are looking for


Final Round (7 Minutes Presentation + 3 Minutes Q&A):

The final round of presentation is the time for your team to leave an everlasting positive impression on the panel of judges. It is all that matters after the two days of hard work. You will be graded using our rigorous rubric, and the judges will be looking for how well you have integrated some of their feedback from the first round of presentation. There will be more judges in the panel compared to the first round, and you will be presenting to all the participants as well.


Final Presentation Includes:

Final presentation should be structured like the first presentation. But in addition, your team should incorporate all the comments and feedback from the judges and the mentors into your final presentation. This is your team’s pitch towards all the potential investors, so you should also prepare answers to some of the judges’ questions that will be asked during the 3 minutes Q&A time. Questions are likely going to be about the aspects of your business that is very essential but not clearly mentioned.