Guest mentors, consisting of business professors and entrepreneurs, will assist all teams with respect to the development of their business ideas and presentations. We will also provide activities to help keen individuals build relationships with our mentors, and obtain additional guidance. In addition, outstanding participants may obtain recommendation letters from these great people!


Nini Suet

Founder & Head Consultant at Shang Learning

Princeton Alumni

A Beijing native with eight years of studying abroad experiences, Nini remains true to her “dudish” northerner personality.

At the age of 14, Nini left Beijing Jingshan School to begin her journey abroad. She was accepted early with full scholarship into Princeton University in New Jersey, US, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and East Asian Studies, along with Certificates in Finance and Korean Language.

Nini interned at JP Morgan Chase & Co’s New York office as an investment banking analyst during her sophomore summer at Princeton. Later in life, Nini switched several careers. She has finally built her own digital media company, QI Post Limited, in 2012, which brings a multi-city perspective to urban living topics for the jet-setting Chinese travelers around the globe. After moving back to Beijing in 2013, she is working on her second venture, Shang Learning, an elite education consultancy that services the next generation of Chinese leaders through bespoke programs that best prepare them for their journeys to the West – academically, socially and professionally.


Nene (Ning) Shirakawa

Co-Founder of Taktopia & Co

MIT Alumni

Founder/CEO of Native Mind, LLC Co-Founder and Head of U.S.A of Taktopia & Co. Regional Strategic Relationship Manager of MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Certified Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Teacher, MIT Ning Shirakawa was originally born in Harbin, China and currently lives in greater San Francisco Bay Area. With advice and support from the MIT Martin Trust Center of Entrepreneurship, Ning founded Native Mind, LLC and Taktopia & Co. In both of the companies she founded, Ning strives to provide quality, hands-on entrepreneurship education to youth all over the world, allowing them to control their own destiny and create new solutions to the world’s problems. Since their start in 2015, Ning’s programs in Boston and Silicon Valley have guided hundreds of students through rigorous MIT 24 steps training; these students have been flourishing back home, with some winning international entrepreneurship competitions. After spending her pre-university education in Japan, Ning graduated from Duke University with Bachelor of Science in Economics and Psychology. Ning worked as a consultant at KPMG LLP in the US before obtaining an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management in 2014.


Guo Xin

President & CEO of Career International

Prior to joining Career International, Mr. Guo was the Managing Director for Mercer Greater China and a global senior partner at Mercer. He was also the Chairman of Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) in China. MMC is the parent company of Mercer. During his 10 year tenure at Mercer, Mr. Guo Xin had held a variety of leadership positions, including Asia Pacific Human Capital business leader and Deputy Head for Asia Pacific with responsibilities of leading Asia.

In the past 20 years, he has held various management positions in consulting industry both in the US and China. His consulting expertise is mostly in working with clients on developing strategic organization structures, business processes, and human resource systems. His clients include local private and listed companies, state-owned enterprises and multinational companies in and outside of China.

Mr. Guo graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautic with the bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and the master‘s degree in Systems Engineering. He also received an MBA degree from University of San Francisco in the United States.


Randy Richardson

Head Consultant at Shang Learning

Princeton Alumni

Randy graduated in 2010 from Princeton University with a BA in East Asian Studies, focusing on Chinese language and translation. He has spent the last 5 years working in education in China, first as curriculum developer and instructor for SAT and TOEFL, then as a college admissions consultant, and currently doing some of all three as Lead Consultant at Shang Learning.

In 2013 I began participating in one of Beijing largest social running communities, HeyRunning, which was started by a Swedish national marathon runner. In 2014 I took on more responsibility within the organization by becoming a coach and then a lead coach. As a head coach, my responsibilities included creating training plans for different levels of runners and leading groups of runners 3 times per week. In 2015, he took over management of the HeyRunning, which was a club started by a Swedish national marathon runner, for about 6 months as it was in transition between leadership. As manager he organized, marketed and found sponsors for two 10-week training camps with about 80 or so participants in each camp. He also held special corporate training sessions for big events like the Color Run, Chongqing Marathon and the Lanzhou Marathon.