Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Avenir Business Competition

We do not encourage students in Grade 8 or lower to participate in this business competition, as it is a quite challenging and competitive envionrment. However, if you feel like you are not at an disadvantage in terms of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, you can email to request a special entrance
Avenir Business Competition is completely invitational, which means it is for free. However, we do not cover transportation, lunch, and lodging fees over the two days' competition.
There are no limitations for the ideas we are looking for. As long as the idea is logical and can be achieved with the technologies available today, then we are happy to invite you to our competition.
We have a very high standard for fairness to ensure that every participants will have an equal opportunity at winning our competition and taking home the prizes. All judges are professional individuals not affiliated with any of the participating schools, and we have designed a rigorous scoring rubric that will be revealed to all participants on the first day of the event.
The competition is on March 11th and 12th, 2017. However, the registration opens on December 18th, 2016.
Prior to the event date, the participating team should have had a team name, decided on what their product/service is, and worked out a company culture. We encourage the team to spend around 10 hours in total. This includes the time of studying the basic business terminologies if the participants are not yet familiar or comfortable with utilizing business terms.
Yes. Not only will the participants be recognized as a internationally minded young entrepreneur and receive the Avenir Business Competition Certificate of Completion, which distinguishes the participant as an innovative and risk taking individual, some participants will also have the chance of receiving recommendation letters from the invited business professionals and top university business professors. (Including possible recommendation letters from MIT Bootcamp advisors and Tsinghua x-Lab entrepreneurship advisors)
If you cannot find a team, simply email and we may be able to connect you to those with similar needs. The quicker you email us, the faster we can help you find a team.
Yes. However, we will not cover your transportation and accommodation fees, which you may need to sort out yourself.
Please reference our sample schedule ( Actual schedule may have minor differences.
All materials and communications will be in English.
Our signup process requires the students to signup individually. For example, a team of 3 should have all 3 members each submitting a separate registration form. This is for the flexibility of teams, so that adding members to an existing team won’t be a problem.
Currently, there are no limitations on the number of teams to sign up from a single school. However, we would encourage entering no more than 3 teams from the same school, as we hope to keep a diversified participant profile. This is for better experience for participants to greet and compete with students from a diverse range of schools.
Yes. This is entirely up to the participants. We will not interfere with how teams are organized as long as every team member is within the boundary of grade 9-12.
The competition consists of two parts, the submission of the idea proposal (for admission decisions) and presentations that will be presented on the day of the event. The amount of time for an adequate performance is estimated to be 10h in total (about 1-2 hours every week including research). However, the competition is expected to be highly competitive and we encourage students to explore deeply into their idea and bring their best performance.