2017 Avenir Business Competition @ BNDS


On October 28-29, 2017, the Avenir Business Competition was held in Beijing National Day School (BNDS) for the first time and was highly successful. Avenir@BNDS aimed to spread the message of the Avenir Project further into the Chinese high school community, bringing the equal opportunity for all students to experience real business pitching and interact with business professionals.

This event was organized by the Avenir@BNDS team, consisting of seven members. Through month of organization, Avenir@BNDS successfully invited experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and educators as the mentors and judges for the event. Practicing the vision of the Avenir Project, Avenir@BNDS proved to be not only a competitive activity, but also a platform for inquiring knowledge and experience of business and entrepreneurship.

The event welcomed nearly a hundred competitors from 13 schools in Beijing and Tianjin. Following the Avenir tradition, participants spent the first day engaging with mentors, consisting of several entrepreneurs, investors, and senior managers. Teams had the opportunity to communicate in depth with the Avenir mentors and take their pitches to the next level.

On the second day, all teams faced their final round in front of three judges. After mentorship from the first day, our competitors wowed the crowd with their creative minds and solid presentation skills. After thorough examination and intense discussions, our judges decided the top three teams, who ultimately brought back the Avenir startup capital of CNY 10,000, CNY 5,000, and CNY 2,000. The winners were the following teams:

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Regardless of the results, participants expressed that the competition was highly memorable in the way that it not only consolidated their business knowledge, but also brought an opportunity for personal growth.

The 2017 Avenir Business Competition at BNDS ended in success. But, this is certainly not the end the entrepreneurial journey for our competitors, nor for the Avenir Project. May this business competition be a doorway to a future community, where anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit can be self-proclaimed entrepreneurs. Avenir is still on its way.

2017 Avenir @ BNDS Materials:

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