What Do Colleges Really Want?

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What Do Colleges Really Want?

Avenir Business Competition

As activities like MUN universalize and competitions commercialize, what can you do to stand out?

Many people know what to do, but how many can do it?

--Saul Bellow

Extracurricular are a significant part of your college application, and just participating in an extracurricular is not enough. Colleges don’t want participants. Colleges want leaders. If you want to stand out, it’s not sufficient to be the president of a club. Colleges want leaders who take initiative and get their goals accomplished.

Leadership is almost required to get into a top college, and having great leadership experience can help compensate for another area of your application that isn't quite as strong. Admissions officers like to see students with unique interests and passion.


However, today, traditional activities, such as MUN, have become too common amongst high school students, while "competitions" have widely become disguises for commercial activities. Not all extracurricular activities bring the value you need.

Today, how can students demonstrate their value?


Consider Avenir Business Competition. It's free; it's professional; it's an opportunity for students to show their true talents.

Why Avenir?


Professional Competitive Opportunity

Avenir provides an authentic platform for students to present their ideas, interact with real entrepreneurs, and judged by real business professionals.


Great for College Application

Avenir is great when applying to colleges. This experience can demonstrate your leadership and creativity, and can be used in your essays.

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Practice Public Speaking

Public speaking is a highly important skill in business. Students will have the chance to strengthen this  skill with feedback from professional judges.

Avenir Business Competition helps students demonstrate leadership, creativity, independence, and initiative — attributes highly demanded by today’s top universities.

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How Avenir works

1. Submit a business idea proposal

2. Prepare business presentations

3. Compete with your idea

4. Win startup funding

Date: March 11-12, 2017

Location: Beijing City International School

Entrance fee: FREE

What are you waiting for?

Make yourself more competitive for colleges!